Five easy steps to install a security camera

Installing a home security camera is prudent as it deters thieves from breaking into your home. Installing such a system gives you a peace of mind that your house is safe, even when you are on holiday or on a business trip.

Having a home security camera installed is easy, mentioned below are some steps to help you install a home security camera.

Step 1: Ensure that you have the appropriate CD. Boot up your computer and insert the CD. Install the software onto your computer following the on screen instructions.

Step 2: Check if the security camera needs mounting and take the necessary steps. While most security cameras will need mounting screws, a few can be put into place with the help of adhesive tape.

Step 3: Select a strategic location for your camera. Ensure that the security camera is shielded from rain and extreme heat or cold. Some cameras run on solar power so they need to be positioned in such a way that they get maximum sunlight. Installing the camera on a flat and smooth surface is prudent.

Step 4: Connect your security camera to the wireless video transmitter that comes with the kit. This transmitter will give you access to a live feed of the area you want protected.

Step 5: Connect the receiver. Once this is done, the camera will start sending live footage of the area you want to monitor. Download additional camera-to-internet security software. This will allow you to view your video feed online using a computer, smart phone or PDA.

The security camera can be configured according to the needs of the individual. A rotating camera will ensure better protection but at the same time you must ensure that it is regularly maintained.

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