Community issued with police warning over recent burglaries

Cheshire Police have decided to take the step of reminding residents of Crewe to always ensure that their properties are properly locked.

This warning comes after a recent spate of burglaries in the area, with the majority happening at unlocked houses.

It has been confirmed that six out of seven incidents which occurred during a two-week period in January involved homes that had been left unlocked by their owners.

The police have just released the figures regarding these crimes and have appealed for homeowners to utilise effective home security measures to reduce the number of these kinds of situations.

Detective Inspector Nigel Groom said:

“Crewe and South Cheshire remains a fairly safe place to live in terms of burglaries, but that’s cold comfort to the individual who discovers that their sentimental jewellery, or flat screen TV they’ve saved their hard-earned cash to buy is taken by a thief.

“We are working hard to continue to drive down the number of burglaries and bring offenders to justice – but we need your help to make it difficult for thieves to get their hands on your hard-earned goods and sentimental items by locking your doors and windows.”

A man has been charged with two of these burglary offences and is due to appear at Chester Crown Court in March.

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