Commercial CCTV Saved Me From Getting Robbed!

I had installed CCTV commercial systems in my hardware store on a regular customer’s suggestion, but always thought they were just a waste of money and resources. Our town is a really quiet one, with very low criminal activity. Really low because criminals did exist! One morning after I had just opened shop for the day I felt something hard pressed against my back. Somebody was about to rob me at knife point! He whispered orders to close the shop and empty the whole cash register. But when he saw the installed commercial CCTV cameras he panicked and must have started thinking irrationally because he totally let his guard down and reached straight for a commercial cctv systems camera. I seized the chance and picked up a wrench to hit him and he started panicking even more and rushed straight out of the shop. But he had forgotten how he had ordered me to close them so he couldn’t get out. He was overpowered after a little scuffle and handed over to the police shortly thereafter. I got lucky that day because the robber was a drug –addict who couldn’t put up a decent fight and because of the commercial CCTV I had installed. If he hadn’t seen the CCTV commercial systems camera then he wouldn’t have panicked and I absolutely would have been robbed! I still thank God and SecurityCam for their commercial cctv systems that saved me that day!

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