Choose your burglar alarm wisely

Burglar alarms come in different types. Some of them are mentioned below.

Circuit Alarms
Circuit alarms come in two types: closed circuit and open circuit. Open circuit alarms have a major drawback as the thieves just have to cut the wires to prevent the current passing through. In a closed circuit, the current is broken when the door or the window is opened which triggers the alarm. The alarm will keep sounding until someone resets it with a code. This method can be used anywhere in the house.

Basic Motion Detectors
These are installed inside the house. Once the thief breaks in, motion detectors will do their bit. Motion detectors work by emitting radio waves. When we approach the door of a supermarket, the radio waves are emitted back to the sensors on the top of the door in an irregular pattern, which opens the door. In the case of motion sensors, it triggers an alarm.

Advanced Motion Sensors
These sensors work by emitting a beam of light through the passageway of your house instead of radio waves. When someone passes through the light, the beam of light is broken, which triggers the alarm.

PIR Motion Sensors
These sensors work by detecting heat waves emitted in the room. Although the heat waves in a room vary, these alarms trigger only when there is a rapid heat rise in the room. Normal human body temperature is 98.6 degree Fahrenheit while that in a room is about 80 degree Fahrenheit. If a rapid rise is detected, an alarm will be triggered.

Install the most suitable burglar alarm as per your security requirement and budget limitations.

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