CCTV Camera System for Added Security

I live in a huge house and have security guards also but I have still got a CCTV camera system installed. This provides with added security as the security guard cannot be present everywhere. So when I saw people’s home getting burgled I decided to take a preventive measure and decided to get security cameras installed at the different areas around my home. The CCTV camera system is connected to a main computer and I can view the footage easily through it. I have also got commercial CCTV systems installed at my office so that I can monitor the staff’s activity and catch shoplifters in the store.

The commercial CCTV systems and the CCTV camera system that I have at home are both attached to a monitoring company’s system who keeps a watch through it. When they get suspicious about someone trespassing around my home they inform the authority that come down and check as well. This is what they did last week when they monitored the security cameras and caught some burglars spying around my house.

I got my security cameras and alarm system installed through SecurityCAM Ltd that helped with the camera installation and provide with efficient monitoring services.

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