Burglar convicted of multiple break-ins in Woodford Bridge

A teenage girl has been found guilty of carrying out a number of burglaries in Woodford Bridge, north-east London, all in the same night.

Hannah Williams, 19-years-old, has received a suspended 12-month prison sentence and has been ordered to do 125 hours of unpaid work after being found guilty of four counts of burglary in the Ilford area.

The four thefts were all carried out on properties in Dryden Close, Laing Close and Trehern Road on July the 16th last year.

Following the subsequent police investigation Ms Williams was arrested along with two accomplices; Johnny Hackett, 19, and Billy Sewell, 22.

The criminals used a number of stolen vehicles that particular evening and police managed to track them down.
Stolen property from one of the raids was recovered by police in a car search.

Sewell and Hackett have also been found guilty of burglary and will be serving 33 and 30 months in jail respectively.

These organised burglaries in this area of London just go to show how important home security is and the very real need for residents to do all they can in protecting their properties to put off any would-be criminals. A burglar alarm is a great place to start when considering your options.

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