Burglar alarms – understanding different types

Installing a burglar alarm system is important and very beneficial, as it can help to keep your home safe and give you a peace of mind.

Burglar alarm systems come in different types. The functionality of each one is different although the main purpose of discouraging any attempt to break in remains the same. Some of the basic types of burglar alarms are outlined below.

Circuit alarms

Circuit alarms come in two basic types: closed circuit and open circuit systems. Closed circuit systems are often more complex and more difficult to break in to. In a closed circuit, the electrical current is broken when a door or window is opened- which triggers the alarm. The alarm will keep sounding until someone resets it with a code.

Basic motion detectors

Motion detectors work by emitting radio waves. This functionality is similar to those used by the doors in a shopping complex. When doors are approached, the radio waves are disturbed and are emitted back to the sensors above the door in an irregular pattern- which opens it. In the case of detectors used for home protection, they trigger an alarm.

Advanced motion sensors

Instead of radio waves, these motion sensors emit a beam of light. Once disturbed, the sensor will trigger an alarm. These motion detectors are commonly used in places with expensive items.

PIR Motion Sensors

One of the most advanced forms of motion detectors; these systems emit heat waves across a room. Although the temperature of a room varies, the alarm is triggered when there is a rapid rise in temperature.

These are just some of the different types of burglar alarms which are used today.

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