All you wanted to know about burglar alarms

Burglar alarms can be set to monitor sound, vibration, heat and movement. Sometimes the alarm even detects smoke. Every burglar alarm has three major parts. These are the main control system, the siren and the detection tool. The sensitivity of the burglar alarm can be controlled using a switch. Mentioned below are the two commonly used alarm systems.

Wireless burglar alarm system

Wireless systems are easy to install and do not require professional help. They have components similar to any regular common burglar system. The only difference is that there are no wires connected to the system.
The unit usually uses a battery for operation and works on signals. This type of unit can be placed anywhere without any hassle and can be moved to any part of the house.

Magnetic switch burglar alarm

This system uses magnetic signals to initiate sirens. Magnetic alarms are generally connected to doors and windows to prevent intruders from entering. When a door or window is opened, an alarm is sounded. It is generally available in black or white colours.

Ultrasonic detectors

Ultrasonic detectors use high frequency detecting signals that are inaudible to the human ear. The alarm sends out a high frequency ultrasonic signal that is reflected on the area to be protected. If there is an interruption, a high decibel sound is heard. These types of alarm systems are generally used in banks to protect valuable goods and places that hold items of importance.

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