A simple guide to the different types of home security systems

The ever increasing crime rate coupled with the need to protect one’s belongings and loved ones has led to the rise of security systems. While there is no foolproof system for ensuring the complete security of your belongings, home security systems help in deterring most thieves and intruders.

What are your options?

Home security systems are available in many different kinds and types. Refer to the brief explanation given below and opt for an appropriate home security system.

Hardwired security systems: Commonly used in homes with smaller rooms, however, many hard wired security systems are gradually being replaced by wireless devices. This is because wired systems can be easily bypassed by disconnecting a specific wire from the control panel.

Wireless security systems: Due to their flexibility and versatility, wireless security systems are used in hotels, homes with large rooms and also many multinational companies. These devices cannot be bypassed easily and hence are growing in terms of popularity.

Motion sensors: Motion detectors scan for movement within a specific area. These devices consist of lasers that sound an alarm when disturbed.

CCTV Cameras: Also known as security cameras, CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras help in monitoring the surrounding with live image or video feeds. These devices are commonly used to monitor the back or front gardens of homes and also in garages.

Temperature sensor: A temperature sensing device works by monitoring the temperature of a room. An abnormal rise in the temperature of the room will raise an alarm that will alert the homeowner.

The aforementioned explanatory points will help you in opting for an appropriate security system.

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