What Makes Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

People generally need to follow number of process when they plan to travel abroad for any reason whether it’s for employment, higher education, medical reason, migration, for business, political reasons and so on. You simply require following the process or some verification/ authentication of your documents. As your documents are the proof of your authenticity and the person who authenticates you through your documents they are the witness of your genuineness.

Certificate Attestation in Mumbai

Once you plan to visit any overseas country, you need to attest your original certificates from the authorized people/ Govt. authorities/ Embassy. Initially the attestation process is completed at the State level from where you belong then goes for further attestation in other departments of other cities.

People submit their own documents or can be submitted by their blood relatives like father, mother, brother etc. on showing their identity proof of relation with the person. The documents can be submitted by the authorized agent if you appointed them to do so. There are number of authorized companies/ agents available to support you in all types of attestations and visa related matters. You can simply investigate about them by logon to their websites and easily contact them on the given numbers.

The steps taken for attestation

The entire educational and non educational certificates require to be attested initially by the Consulate of External Affairs India then by the concern embassy.

Please note that all the educational certificates are attested by the Education Ministry of the respective State from where the certificates are issued.

Rest of the certificates like: Marriage certificate, Experience letter, Employment letter, Divorce certificate, Birth Certificate, commercial documents and others are attested by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs India) rest of the proceedings remains the same.

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