The UAE attestation process and the ways

UAE attestation procedure is important if you wish to authenticate your documents overseas. Coping with life in some new location is tough. Document authentication is must to consider.

For the verification or authentication of a document, UAE attestation is must to consider. The attestation solely confirms to the genuineness of the document which is being presented through an oral or written oath. UAE attestation procedure needs to be carried out for vital documents like marriage certificates, educational degrees, birth certificate and is strictly applicable for those who plan to move to UAE. As an applicant, you are also allowed to attest the documents with Embassy in your state or city provided the certificate was first attested by Consular Section of Ministry of External Affairs or the Central Government. So, you first need to attest the document with the State Government and then the Ministry of External Affairs, UAE Embassy Delhi. Initially this task was performed by HRD (Delhi) but now the task is executed by state home department.

uae-embassyDocument attestation

The process of attesting educational and non-educational documents varies. In the UAE, attestation of educational document is must to fetch employment, pursue degree courses or higher studies, to acquire Visa for wife and to attain the right to sell off property in India. The process of attestation is fast, simple and convenient if you choose a trustworthy company.

States and cities where attestation goes on

Some of the places where attestation process goes on include:

You can just contact a reliable firm if you need attestation. Different companies offer attestation facility in different locations. It is important to find out the details.


The importance of UAE attestation

  • When an individual from India moves onto UAE in search for a job, his documents need to be authenticated by a consulate in India or UAE embassy
  • With the UAE Embassy Certificate Attestation, the educational and non-educational documents become valid everywhere.

Only with proper attestation, your documents can be accepted overseas. Stay away from fake agencies offering attestation services.

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