Recruitment Examination Score will be shared with Private Companies

PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi announced that soon Government will share the score marks of Government competitive examination with private sector to improve employbility of the candidates. Prime Minister announced this at the Bloomberg India Economic Forum-2016 on 28th March 2016.

PM said “In a reform to eliminate corruption in government recruitments, we have abolished interviews for lower and middle level positions. They will now be filled on the basis of transparent examination results.”

“You are aware that results of Government entrance examinations for engineering and medical colleges are being used by private colleges also. I am happy to announce one more measure to improve the labour market and benefit the unemployed. The Government and Public Sector Undertakings conduct a number of recruitment examinations. So far, the scores in these examinations have been retained by the Government. Hereafter, we will make available the results and the candidate information openly to all employers, wherever consent is given by the candidate. This will create a positive externality. It will provide a rich data base which can be used by private sector employers as a ready-made and objective sourcing and screening mechanism. It will reduce search costs in the labour market for both employers and employees. It will enable better matching of candidates from labour surplus areas with jobs in other regions. ”

Thus it seems that most of the candidates need to prepare for Government Examination and even candidate for privates sector job will also appear to have a good score and good impact at interview level. It will also provide equal level playing field for job seekers.  We think that this will be a good move and give job seekers a good chance to show his scoring level.

The full text of the Prime Minister’s speech can be viewed and listen at

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