Certificate Attestation for Dubai, Abudabi, Sharjah UAE Embassy

When you are travelling abroad authentication of documents is the most crucial part. Exclusively it proves the genuineness with a written/ verbal pledge. Dubai, Abudabi, Sharjah, UAE Embassy Certificate Attestation would be needed in various educational documents and non educational documents such as, Wedding/ Marriage Certificate, Birth certificate, matriculation certificate, intermediate certificate, PG Certificate, Degree certificate, experience certificate and many others.

The candidates require authenticating their documents from the respective State Home department first, then from the Ministry of External Affairs India and afterwards from the UAE Embassy in India.

Attesting educational and non educational documents is somewhat diverse thing. An individual would necessitate the verification of certificates to acquire employment visa; to get study visa to pursue higher studies in abroad, to obtain visa for spouse and many more.

Why Certificate Attestation is essential?

  1. Educational Documents

Reason for attestation:

  • To get an employment visa for UAE (Dubai, Abudabi, Sharjah)
  • To acquire study/ Education visa for UAE (Dubai, Abudabi, Sharjah) and many others.
  1. Non-Educational Documents

Reason for attestation:

  • To get residence visa for spouse, children and for other family members
  • For the school admission of child
  • Power of attorney
  • To obtain experience document and so on.

As attestation is not a simpler task, it is a tough and time consuming job. You require the assistance of professionals in all attestation and visa related matters. There are number of travel agencies are there to support you and make attestation work easier, faster and hassle free for you.

So, next time when you plan to travel in foreign country and want to attest your certificates then take assistance from attestation agencies.


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