Youn Yuh-jung Used Her Oscars Speech to Flirt With Brad Pitt


Youn Yuh-jung took home the best supporting actress award at the Oscars 2021 on Sunday, April 25, and she gave a speech that has the entire internet cheering. 

She started by asking presenter Brad Pitt where he was when she was filming Minari (the movie she won for). Icon behavior. After getting her flirt on, she then gave a very heartfelt speech thanking family, friends, and those involved in the film. 

But Youn was sure to pepper in some incredible humor. The 73-year-old noted there’s no “winning” an Oscar, especially when you’re nominated against a legend like Glenn Close. She joked that maybe she’s just “luckier” than her fellow nominees. And at the end of her speech, she thanked her two sons “who make me go out and work.” She was sure to add, though, “This is the result because Mommy works so hard.” And now I’m emotional! 


Other people were too, and they were also just living for the speech in general. Peep some reactions for yourself, below. 

Youn Yuh-jung was nominated alongside Amanda Seyfried, Olivia Colman, Glenn Close, and Maria Bakalova at the Oscars 2021. She is the first Korean to win an Oscar for best supporting actress. 

“The award doesn’t mean nothing to me,” Youn told The Observer. “My reward is getting new jobs, new projects—that’s my reward. Of course, that moment when you receive the award, you’ll be very happy. You could be very happy in the moment. But I’m a very practical person and a very realistic person. If I get a new job, that’s my reward.”

On the importance of telling stories about immigrants, she said, “Everybody is different and this world is getting smaller and smaller. After all, we are the same human beings. ‘You do it this way, [and] I’ll do it this way.’ People think, ‘If I do it that way and you do it this way, then you are wrong.’ There’s nothing wrong with doing it one way or another. That’s not the way to treat [each other], I think. I think having a lot of variety and understanding each other means good. We are all human beings—the same human beings. Don’t categorize that you are yellow, you are white, you are Black, and white is better than yellow or Black or any other skin color. That’s stupid things to compare. We are all different and beautiful.” 


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