Yes, a Used Condom Was Found at the ‘Bachelor’ Resort—in a Tree


Someone found a used condom at the resort where this season of The Bachelor was filmed. Perhaps not the most shocking development, given that the show is about hot 20-somethings looking for love, but the location of said condom gives us pause: a tree. Um, hmmm!

Maggie Hardy Knox, CEO of the Nemacolin resort in Pennsylvania—where the full cast and crew of The Bachelor stayed during production last fall—told Page Six, “Sometimes there’s some hanky-panky going on where it should not have been, but I can’t tell you everything that was going on. We are on 3,000 acres. So there’s a lot of land, and a lot of woods out there. There were things going on inside and outside of the hotel all the time.” Specifically, “We actually found a used condom in the tree branch.”

We’re not going to say there’s nothing romantic about outdoor conjugation. Just look at the idyllic scenery surrounding Bachelor Matt James as he preps for a date by working up a sweat (solo!) on the ground:

Knox seemed to be understanding of people’s needs during These Times, adding, “People are bored… we’re in quarantine, we are here to serve in any way that we can. We are here to make sure all of our guests are happy all the time.”

Um, but does “making guests happy” include cleaning up their contraceptives? We get it: You bang outdoors, there isn’t a garbage can around, you obviously don’t want to carry the condom with you for long. But surely there has to be some nearby bag you can shove it in to safely and discreetly transport it to a trash can? Birds live in those trees! That’s someone’s house!

Ultimately, this is a story about safety. Staying safe from the coronavirus, and staying safe from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and infections. And we here at Glamour are pro-safety. But we are also pro- throwing your trash away so other people don’t find it! Don’t be a litter bug, even if you’re getting it on.


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