XXL Hair Is Trending for Spring, and It’s Stunning

It’s been a long year in lockdown, and though salons have been open in some capacity, many of us weren’t blessed enough to get a midyear trim. Thanks to a year of hibernation, the vast majority of us have seen our hair grow to new lengths— and while I’m convinced I currently resemble Cousin Itt, it seems I’m onto a new trend.

Enter: XXL hair—incredibly long, Rapunzel-like hair that’s derrière scraping and seriously glam.

Whilst the brave among us are making the decision to chop it all off via a bob hairstyle, if you’re too nervous to take the plunge, XXL hair is the perfect antithesis.

“Most people are turning up to salons with hair longer than ever before following months in lockdown and no access to hairdressers,” explains BaByliss ambassador Syd Hayes. “After a year of on-and-off lockdown and summer on the horizon, most are choosing to go with it and mix up their normal go-to style with XXL hair.”

Hayes highlights that the most important thing to take into account when you have long hair is to make sure it’s healthy— and after months in lockdown, we’re guessing it’s not in peak condition. “Make sure you get rid of split ends and request for the ends to be sliced out or even razored so you don’t have too much of a blunt line at the bottom,” he suggests. “This will make the maintenance easier and ensure it looks healthier for longer.”

Need some inspo? Anya Taylor-Joy, Lara Stone, the Kardashians and Rochelle Humes are all embracing the trend. “The possibilities are endless but what’s key is that hair looks healthy and shiny and doesn’t have straggly ends,” Hayes says.

To really maximize the look, ask your stylist to recommend not only a shampoo and conditioner, but an at-home treatment to maintain your salon fresh hair.

Where a bob requires more styling and maintenance, XXL hair can be left to its own devices and can be worn super sleek à la Taylor-Joy or with a tougher edge. “Try channelling Kate Moss’s cool undone hair,” Hayes suggests. “Simply wash your hair, use a heat protectant, and then add some tousled waves to the ends using a wand like the BaByliss 9000 Wand.”

See, those missed hair appointments paid off.

This story originally appeared on Glamour U.K. 

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