Why Some ‘Bridgerton’ Fans Think Marina’s Dad Is the Featherington Heir


Warning: Spoilers ahead. 

The first season of Netflix’s Bridgerton closely follows its source material, The Duke and I by Julia Quinn. It’s safe to assume the succeeding seasons will also align with Quinn’s books. We already know the second one centers on Anthony Bridgerton’s story, which mirrors book two of the Bridgerton novels, The Viscount Who Loved Me. Of course, Netflix has the right to depart from the books at any time—but fans can certainly reference them while trying to figure out what the show has in store.

One mystery we can’t solve with the books, though, is the Featherington heir. This is a plot line completely dreamt up by Netflix, and it has fans curious. 

To recap: In season one’s finale, we find out Baron Featherington was killed by the men he conned in that boxing bet. The heir to his estate is written on a slip of paper, which his wife, Lady Featherington, reads. And she seems shocked. 

But viewers are left in the dark. The Featherington heir could be anyone: a distant relative, a stranger, that ubiquitous bee. For now, all we have are fan theories and speculation, but indulging in that is part of the fun with shows like Bridgerton. Below, check out some of the most interesting theories about who this mysterious Featherington heir is: 

Marina’s dad 

Screen Rant notes that Baron Featherington owes Marina’s father money. (He was a reckless gambler, which is what ultimately killed him.) Giving away the estate could be a plausible way to make him debt-free. This then would mean Marina—and her baby—could directly benefit. That would definitely explain why Lady Featherington didn’t react so kindly to the name on that paper. (As we learned in season one, she made a point to make Marina’s life miserable. This would be the ultimate revenge, and I co-sign it.) 

Will Mondrich

Mondrich threw his boxing match so Baron Featherington could earn back his fortune, and he was promised a cut for doing so. Maybe, just maybe, part of that cut was the estate, or as this fan cheekily tweeted, “Will Mondrich and his wife are gonna take over the Featherington house. They have the cash.” 

My pick for the Featherington heir? A character we haven’t met yet who’s going to cause trouble—oh, and bring Penelope and Colin together sooner, which I’m very here for. Season two, where you at?!


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