Why Jennifer Lopez’s New Social Media Challenge Has the Internet Divided

Jennifer Lopez just celebrated the 20-year anniversary of her album J.Lo by recreating part of the music video for “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” And why shouldn’t she? Great song, great video, plus the internet forever loves nostalgia. But her idea to turn the clip into a “challenge” has social media divided because, of course, These Times. Here’s what’s going on:

In the song Lopez sings about not needing money or expensive items to keep her interested. When she likes someone, it’s not about that; her love does not cost anything. So in the video she sheds her expensive jewelry; in the recreation “challenge,” she basically does the same thing. So far, so classic, right? 

On Twitter and Instagram, Lopez posted the video along with the hashtag #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge, inviting fans to recreate the clip (we guess; there isn’t, like, an FAQ for the challenge). Some people thought that was an out-of-touch idea, not to mention unclear…

Others, however, took the opportunity to just share their favorite dancing videos, including one sincere entry in the “challenge,” a home video from the era of the album’s release:

It’s all well and good for Jennifer Lopez, rich and successful, to say she doesn’t need a man’s cash and to throw her jewelry in the sand to make a point, but the rest of us aren’t living quite so easy! 

Now, in fairness, part of the point of a social media challenge where you recreate something is to  give it a DIY vibe and make it on a budget. Remember at the beginning of the pandemic when people were recreating famous art using objects they found at home? It doesn’t have to cost a thing to recreate “Love Don’t Cost a Thing.” But those sorts of challenges are usually somewhat organic, springing up like a grassroots movement on TikTok and gaining traction when a famous person notices; they’re not the result of a celebrity coming out and asking for effort.

Better luck next time, Lopez social media team!

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