What to Know About Doja Cat, Host of the 2021 MTV VMAs


Who hosted the MTV VMAs 2021 this year? Well, they haven’t happened yet, but the answer is Doja Cat, rapper-singer extraordinaire.

The 25-year-old exploded onto the music scene in 2020 with her hit “Say So.” She’s since released a string of bops, including “Boss Bitch,” featured on the Birds of Prey soundtrack, plus “Kiss Me More” with SZA, which reached number three on Billboard‘s Hot 100. 

Doja Cat is also one of the nominees for the MTV VMAs 2021, earning six nods, including Video of the Year for “Kiss Me More.” “I am glad that people enjoy my personality enough to have me on the show and host,” Doja Cat told Billboard. “It’s beautiful. I don’t know what’s going to happen as far as my hosting debut. I still don’t know the little quirks of it all or the pieces that we will be doing, but I know that I’m excited and glad that they enjoy who I am. ”

“It’s amazing to be part of it,” the host of the 2021 VMA continued, saying she grew up watching the show. “I spent so much time on the internet when I was young—I’d watch the VMAs through clips of this, or YouTube videos of that. I’ve paid most attention to the artists themselves and what they brought to the stage.” 

And on what fans can expect from her MTV VMAs 2021 hosting gig, she told Billboard, “I’m different live than I am in real life. Well, not really, kind of. When I’m alone and rambling to myself, then I am alone and rambling to myself. But if there are people around, if there’s stimuli around me, I’m responding to it. It will be different from me just being alone, but not too much. I’ll still be me, and I’m excited to find out what that is.” 

Tune in to the show September 12 at 8 p.m. ET on MTV to watch Doja Cat’s hosting chops—and to see if she wins any awards. Something tells me the VMAs 2021 host will be a boss and shine like gloss.


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