What Jennifer Garner Reportedly Thinks About the Jennifer Lopez–Ben Affleck Reunion

No Jen-on-Jen rivalry here. As Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez continue to see more and more of each other, Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, is reportedly just fine with it. And according to sources, the feeling is mutual.

“J. Lo has Jennifer Garner’s seal of approval,” an insider tells Us Weekly, adding that the two actors have crossed paths over the course of their decades in Hollywood. “J. Lo thinks Jennifer is a kind and wonderful person and an amazing mother.” Well, yeah, duh, everyone feels that way about Jennifer Garner. She’s mom pals with Dr. Jill Freakin’ Biden, after all.

Garner was Affleck’s next major relationship after he and Lopez called off their engagement in the aughts; the two were married for 10 years and share three children. Lopez, meanwhile, wed and had children with Marc Anthony before they split. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It seems Garner’s been chill about the rekindled relationship from the beginning. Back in May, when Affleck and Lopez’s reunion first looked like it was real, a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight that “Jen isn’t bothered by Ben hanging out with J.Lo or anyone else. She wants what is best for Ben.” This was in the wake of Affleck’s split from Ana de Armas and Lopez’s split from fiancé Alex Rodriguez. At the time, the source said, “What matters most to her is Ben being a great dad…. They’ve been in a good groove when it comes to coparenting for a while, and their kids’ happiness is Jen’s main priority.”

Around the same time, it was reported that Garner might be rekindling a romance of her own with boyfriend John Miller, CEO of restaurant chain Caliburger.

Good thing everyone’s allegedly getting along, because Lopez is reportedly looking at property and schools in Los Angeles so she can live closer to Affleck. Double date at Caliburger, anyone?

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