We Tried Lunya’s ‘Washable’ Silk Sets—Here Are Our Honest Thoughts

What are your general thoughts? A silver dream! There’s something so inherently special about sleeping in silk as opposed to an oversized tee with avocado stains—and this set is even better IRL than I thought it would be. The material is cool to the touch, and the silk has a brushed sheen to it. Also, the Cloud color is so, so dreamy. I feel totally at ease wearing these PJs—so much so that I could eat an entire bowl of spaghetti and not think twice (which, mind you, is a rarity for clothes I genuinely like).

What is the overall fit like? Is it actually comfy for sleeping, or do you prefer it just for lounging? I have to preface this with the fact that I’m petite and most pajama sets are usually too big on me. (We’re talking too-big waistbands, too-wide tops, and pants that puddle on the floor.) This set, however, is perfectly oversized. The draping is beautiful, and the material really moves with you when you walk. I tucked the T-shirt in for the photo, but for the record, it’s pretty long and could probably pass for a dress on my smaller torso (I’m 5’1″, in case you were wondering). That said, I’m actually *shocked* by how much I love this set for sleeping—way more than I do lounging. (I thought it would be the opposite.) I’m definitely one of those people who runs hot at night, so having full-on leg ventilation while I’m in la-la land is my kind of vibe.

How does the silk really hold up after washing? Did you notice any changes in the fabric or fit? I haven’t had a chance yet to wash it, but I’m not worried. Lunya has helpful care instructions on its website, and I plan to follow them to a T. 

Last words? This is the perfect summer set. It’s lightweight and romantic—and while $200 isn’t exactly pocket change for me, if you think about it from a price-per-wear standpoint, it’s definitely worth it if you wear it all. the. time.

Lunya Washable Silk Tee Set in Cloud

Lindsay Schallon, senior beauty editor

Lindsay in the Washable Silk Button Down Pant Set in size 2XL.

What are your general thoughts? I never thought I’d find myself endorsing $258 pajamas, but the second you cocoon yourself in this ridiculously soft, ultra-luxurious silk, you’ll understand why they’re so expensive. 

What is the overall fit like? Is it actually comfy for sleeping, or do you prefer it just for lounging? The button-down and pants set is just as comfortable to lounge around the house in as it is to sleep in—and it’s so chic, I’m not embarrassed to go out in the hall or answer the door in them.

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