We Tried Everything From Glossier—Here’s What’s Actually Worth Your Money

If there’s one brand that’s proved it’s worth the hype, it’s Glossier. Basically every new launch immediately lands on top of the best Glossier products charts. It’s not hard to see why: Glossier is a master class in brand identity (see: its millennial pink packaging, “G” merch, and dreamy but realistic ads), it’s perfected the art of the no-makeup makeup look, and it’s got a fanbase so loyal that shoppers will patiently wait (often out the door of its showrooms) to get their hands on whatever just hit the shelves.

But just like with anything that seems too good to be true, those who aren’t fully aboard the Glossier train often wonder whether its products are actually worth it. Does Boy Brow really transform your eyebrows in few single swipes? Is Cloud Paint seriously as good as its painfully cute tube would lead you to believe? Do the Body Hero products actually feel as divine as they look in the ads? If the Glossier reviews ahead have anything to say, the answer is a resounding yes.

We asked the Glamour team to swipe and slather its way through every single product on the brand’s site to share the best Glossier products we absolutely can’t live without. Believe it or not, the team’s favorite picks came in all across the board (but yes, we did get at least five emphatic responses that just said “BOY BROW!!!“—all caps, lots of exclamations). Scroll on for our honest Glossier reviews to see what’s absolutely worth spending your money on.

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