We Found the 17 Best Shapewear Options Out There, and the Reviews Speak for Themselves


Tracking down the best shapewear for women hasn’t always been the easiest undertaking. If you tried undergarments for smoothing or coverage in years past, you might’ve been limited to a gymnastics-era spandex leotard or a slip that, well, slipped. We all know how that era ended: No one enjoyed wearing a body shaper that felt fussy or uncomfortable.

But there’s good news! We now have a ton of thoughtfully designed women’s shapewear and bras at our disposal. Ready to jump on the shaping-shorts train? We got you. Need a bra with comfortable underwire for extra support? Done. With so many options to choose from, there’s truly something for everyone—and every outfit.

With all these choices at hand, it’s now time to figure out which shapewear actually works best. Bra designers like Spanx, Skims, and Commando have done the work and taken shapewear possibilities to new heights, and the proof is evidenced in happy customer reviews. Discover the extra-firm bodysuits, high-waist briefs, and form-fitting tank tops leading the way for the best shapewear for women.

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