We Asked The Bachelorette’s Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes About Their Future Plans


Katie Thurston: Yes! It just feels like I can breathe again and close this door, move forward, and start really living life as an actual couple. It’s all I’ve been waiting for these past couple months.

What did your mom and Aunt Lindsey say after you revealed you were engaged? 

Katie: They knew I was with Blake because there were so many times I was leaving to go visit him. They just didn’t know what level. The closer we got to the end, the more that I think they had their suspicions. They didn’t seem too surprised, but they’re very happy and supportive. Even my grandpa texted me and said, “We can’t wait to meet him.” It’s exciting that we can actually do that now.

Blake, have you been in Canada or somewhere else during the last few months? How often did you guys actually get to see each other?

Blake Moynes: [Laughs] I literally have been in hiding because I’ve been living the whole summer in quarantine. Every time I would go visit her, I would come back to Canada and have to isolate for 14 days. So that’s why you didn’t see many Instagram posts or stories from me as I typically do because I was locked up in my house. I lived the whole summer in quarantine. I would pop out to visit her, come back, and quarantine. It was kind of a nightmare for a lot of the summer.

Most important, what’s your relationship like now with Tommy, Katie’s cat?

Katie: Oh, he hasn’t met Tommy, because we’ve been meeting at neutral locations. We can’t risk being seen, so we go somewhere we don’t even know and spend time together. We’re actually going to Canada this week, so I’ll get to meet his pets and his family. [Pause] I like how I said pets first. [Laughs] And then we’ll just kind of start working our way into our normal life again.

The last few episodes were extremely emotional and heavy, so what was it like watching them back?

Katie: We watched most of them together. Leading into each episode, I always let Blake know, “This is what I think is going to happen here, and things that I said.” Toward the end is when you start to really see the relationships I had; because in filming, I was very private about every guy I was dating. No one really saw me interact unless I was one-on-one. It was a little difficult, especially, with the Greg breakup. But we’ve been able to work through that as easy as it could be, and that’s because of how we communicate. We’re very grounded and understanding of one another. People thought it was gonna really rock our relationship in a bad way, and it really hasn’t.

Blake, the last time I spoke to Katie, I told her that you guys had a chemistry that was unmatched, so it was tough even for me watching Katie say that Greg was kind of her front-runner. How did you handle seeing that play out?

Blake: Yeah, the chemistry you saw with us—imagine being in the relationship where you feel it even more. When I came on the show, I was super confident, knowing what this could be. So as much as the doubt wants to creep in during those moments when you’re watching it back, Katie prepared me for everything. There’s been an understanding, and it’s important that I be empathetic of what she’s going through. I mean, what would you say in that situation? There’s two guys that left and she’s probably breaking down and doing everything she can to keep this guy around. I always thought I was the number one guy…and it ended that way. As much as doubt wants to creep in, we’re just so strong. It’s a thing of the past.


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