Watch Figure Skater Kamila Valieva Become the First Woman to Land a Quad at the Olympics

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva just made history at the 2022 Winter Olympics—in fact, she did it twice in the same routine. 

The 15-year-old is the first woman to land a quad, or four rotations in the air, at the Winter Games on Sunday, February 6. She did the never-before-seen move while competing in the women’s free skate, only to make history again by doing a second quad just moments later in her routine. 

“We will be talking about this moment for the next 100 years,” said NBC Olympics commentator Tara Lipinski, per NBC.

Valieva’s successful routine helped the Russian Olympic Committee to the gold medal in team figure skating. The U.S. came in second place for a silver medal. 

Watch the moment Kamila Valieva completes her first quad, below: 

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Is there anything more exciting than watching history be made in real time? It’s perhaps the number one reason to tune into the Olympic Games (besides the surprising number of hookup opportunities). Just look at how excited we get every time Simone Biles set another record at the Summer Games, or the fervor around 13-year-old Momiji Nishiya after she became the first woman to win a gold medal in skateboarding. 

Kamila Valieva is now a member of an elite group of record-breaking women, and we can’t wait to see who else joins the club at this year’s Winter Games. 

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