Victoria Beckham Shares the Most Relatable Family Christmas Card Blooper Video

From her days as Posh Spice to designing her own fashion line, Victoria Beckham has always been an on-camera professional, posing like a pro in photoshoots and on red carpets. Her kids, however, aren’t always quite so posh, if you will. For example, when the mother of four tried to take a picture of her brood and pets together in front of the family Christmas tree, it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing. 

In a behind-the-scenes video Beckham posted to Instagram on December 17, she showed her sons and dogs being just a little too casual about getting the shot. To her daughter’s credit, though, 9-year-old Harper was happily posing and even wore a green dress for the occasion.

Set to cheery music, the “blooper reel” is narrated by Beckham, who asks her eldest son Brooklyn, “are you sure you don’t want to put trousers on?” before noticing her 15-year-old son Cruz is wearing a Borat sweater. “Excellent, that sums up your personality,” she jokes.  

Then, when she can’t get the dogs to sit, she bemoans, “It’s a Christmas card, guys, it’s meant to be a good thing to do!” Relatable queen. Still, when Harper calls the whole affair “a very sad Christmas,” Beckham objects vehemently.

In true fashionista form, Beckham refers to taking the picture as “getting the cover,” and does manage to snap a usable pic before Brooklyn…simply wanders away. The video wishes viewers a “happy Christmas” from the family and warning folks “never work with kids or animals” in the caption. 

Famous friends, including fellow Spice Girls member Emma Bunton, commented on the post: Bunton wrote that she “laughed out loud” and Reese Witherspoon added, “This is MY LIFE !!!”

In keeping with her sense of humor, the final Christmas picture Beckham posted is animated so that two of the kids have devil horns, while snow flurries around and Mariah Carey’s cover of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” plays.

As Victoria Beckham told Harper, it’s a lovely Christmas! 

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