Tristan Thompson and Lamar Odom Are Fighting Over Khloé Kardashian


Khloé Kardashian is embroiled in some social media drama with her exes, Tristan Thompson and Lamar Odom. It all started on July 10, when Kardashian posted a photo to Instagram.of herself wearing a bikini in an outdoor shower.

Harmless enough, right? Wrong. Kardashian‘s photo is from four days ago, but the drama between Thompson and Odom continues. Let’s break it down. 

First, Thompson shaded Odom in the comment section of Kardashian’s Instagram post.

Odom commented “Hottie 🔥🔥😍😍❤️🥰🥰” on the photo. Then, Thompson wrote, “❤️❤️🤤🤤.” No big deal, but Thompson decided to take it one step further: He tagged Odom in a separate comment, writing, “@lamarodom God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, different results 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️.” The post was then picked up by the Instagram account @commentsbycelebs.

Thompson’s comment was presumably referencing Odom’s near-death experience in 2015.

Odom responded to the shade by retweeting a tweet about Thompson’s comment.

“NBA Twitter watching Tristan Thompson pretend to act tough on Lamar Odom,” the tweet read, with an edit of various pro basketball players and celebrities trying (and failing) not to laugh during Fergie’s performance of the national anthem at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game.

Khloé Kardashian reportedly has “no interest in reconnecting” with Lamar Odom.

Despite Odom’s compliments, Kardashian has shut the door on that part of her life. “Khloé will always have a sweet spot for Lamar in her heart but has no interest in rekindling a romantic relationship,” a source tells E! News

The insider adds that Odom played a “huge part” in her life when they were married and she “will always feel empathetic towards him.” The source continues, “He has tried to reach out and get her attention and Khloé just laughs it off. She has a lot going on, and it’s just not her focus.” 


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