This Nail-Care Product Is the Secret to a Flawless Manicure


If your cuticles have seen better days, slathering on hand cream alone won’t make them any less painful—or unsightly. That’s what the best cuticle oils are for. These restorative treatments are often packed with vitamins and hydrating ingredients like fruit and nut oils (think almond, jojoba, and apricot oils) that specifically address nail concerns—whether it’s keeping the surrounding skin moisturized and hangnail-free, or strengthening brittle nails after the harsh removal of gels, dip powders, and acrylics. 

Of course, finding a cuticle oil that works for you is a lesson in trial-and-error, considering the vast amount of options available on the market. Not at all cuticle products provide the same lasting results—and we’ve experienced first-hand (literally) how some formulas only make the surrounding skin appear moisturized but do nothing in the long-run. That’s why we’ve combed through thousands of options to bring you the oils and cuticle creams that actually deliver—from heavy-duty formulas the pros swear by to fast-absorbing serums that are perfect for on-the-go care. 

Whether you live for an Insta-worthy mani or simply want your nails to look civilized without having to visit a professional, shop 15 of the best cuticle oils below.

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