This Clitoral Serum Gave Me the Most Intense Orgasm of My Life


Since the day I dramatically yelled, “El fuego! El fuego!” to a Spanish-speaking fling, while rushing to the bathroom to basically hose down my clit, I’ve been wary of clitoral serums. When you feel like any part of your vulva has been doused in cayenne pepper, it’s enough to turn you off sex serums forever, trust me.

Granted, that was six years ago, and the world of sexual serums has evolved immensely. As one who writes about sexual health (and often does sex toy reviews) it was inevitable that serums would eventually be thrown into the mix, despite my initial hesitation. As higher-end serums hit the market, more formulas promising to intensify my orgasms and boost clitoral sensitivity found their way into my hands—and that meant I had to get over my fear of possibly having a clitoral fuego incident again.

Then I came across OH – The Big O, by VSPOT Sexual Health Spa—a science-backed sex serum that promises to deliver the type of orgasms that your friends brag about, you dream about, and probably assume only exist in movies. Naturally, I was game to try it—especially after reading that the ingredients were void of anything that could possibly burn.

Impatient as I am, I opened the box, applied the serum, then grabbed my favorite vibrator. I was disappointed—there was no difference in my orgasm; at least not a noticeable one. So, I did what I should have done in the first place: read the directions. It was here that I found that this butterscotch-scented (yes, that’s how it smells, at least to me), silky serum needed to be applied for five days—once in the morning and once in the evening, then left to fully dry—in order to get the full benefits of it. I gave myself a full week of twice daily application, with no clitoral stimulation in between, so I could experience OH to the fullest extent.

What makes OH unique, is that the patented ingredients have been proven to increase blood flow to the clitoris by an average of 80%, according to a clinical study funded by the company. When someone with a vulva becomes aroused, blood rushes to that entire region—clitoris included, of course—and that’s what makes the vulva and clit extra sensitive; so sensitive you can feel your heartbeat between your legs sometimes. Basically, the better your circulation, the more blood you have heading toward your vulva, and the more fantastic the orgasm. (Of course, there are other components in there, like the release of hormones during and after arousal, but to keep it simple, let’s just focus on the blood flow for OH.)

After seven days of diligently applying the serum and living an orgasm-free life, I prepared myself for fantastic, orgasmic bliss. I was initially slow to reach arousal—no matter where I let my mind wander to in regard to fantasies—but once I could feel I was fully there, I dappled in a bit of edging. It had been a full week, after all, so I was going to use more than one technique to take this orgasm to a level that might, ideally, transcend all the earthly pleasures I’d ever known. When I felt myself on the verge of climaxing, I let out a quiet gasp in anticipation of what I knew was going to be a whole boatload of intense.

As someone who practices edging regularly, I knew from the feeling that was climbing my insides that the height of this orgasm wasn’t the result of edging alone, but something else as well—the OH serum, perhaps?

Then I came. I came so damn hard, that my legs didn’t just twitch, but trembled in disbelief. Yes, I’d gone a week without an orgasm before (and far longer) and yes, I’d indulged in the sweet satisfaction of edging before, but there was definitely a third component involved. In fact, in being completely greedy, I went in for round two (no edging this time) and my second orgasm was just as intense as the first—and we all know that the sequel is rarely as good as the original, whether we’re talking orgasms or movies. I was struck. I was hooked. I was, dare I say it, in love?

That was two nights ago. Although I’ve been craving to delve back into an OH orgasm again, I’ve held off mostly because I’ve been exhausted and distracted, and I want to be totally present when I enjoy it again. But I know, as long as I continue to apply OH twice daily, when I’m ready, OH will be there to take my orgasms above and beyond again. And, frankly, after this past year, I deserve it. And so do you.


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