This $9 Cuticle Oil Is the Single Best Beauty Buy on Amazon


What makes this cuticle oil so effective is that it contains a mix of nourishing, natural ingredients like safflower oil, vitamin E, milk, and honey. It smells soft and sweet, like a fragrant orchid. The oil comes out in thick blobs via a dropper, and I really like the applicator because it gives me full control over how much product I’m using. The oil itself dries up in less than a minute, leaving no grease stains behind—just soft, moisturized nail beds. I use the product daily, usually after washing hands or doing dishes, and before any hand cream. If I’m giving myself a mani, I’ll smooth a few drops on my cuticles before applying nail polish. Any excess I just rub between my fingers. 

I tend to get by with a single drop per hand even though the instructions recommend a drop per finger. At the rate with which I use it, I wouldn’t be surprised if this oil lasted me two full years. (Right now I’m three months in and hardly put a dent in the bottle.) 

Happy cuticles!

Courtesy of Talia Abbas

Because a little goes such a long way, the Cuccio Cuticle Oil basically pays for itself. It’s also on sale right now for $9, making it cheaper than similar products on the market. You may not need another addition to your at-home manicure kit, but considering all the sanitizing we’ve been doing, our nails could definitely use some extra TLC. Take it from a self-professed cuticle picker: few get the job done quite like Cuccio. 

Cuccio Natural Milk & Honey Cuticle Revitalizing Oil


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