These Thongs Are So Comfy You’ll Forget You’re Wearing Them


We can’t be the only ones who spent 2020 perfecting homemade sourdough, doing puzzles, and reorganizing our top drawers with the best thongs and underwear so comfortable we forgot we were wearing anything. It was the year sweatpants became a universal uniform, and some days getting dressed at all just wasn’t in the cards—which is where the best thongs that feel like a second skin came in. Whether we actually put on pants or just stayed scantily clad all day, comfortable undies were—and are—a must. 

People tend to be pretty divided on the barely there underwear. Word on the street is the visible thong might be making a comeback, but many refuse to entertain the reemergence of the fashion faux pas (Your move, Manny from Degrassi.) Even if you would never consider letting your G-string see the light of day, it’s worth stocking your top drawer with smooth, seamless thongs that will take up little room and get plenty of wear.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to make a statement or just trying to get a thong that lies flat under your favorite leggings, comfort reigns supreme in the intimates department. But there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to lingerie—so to find the comfiest thongs around, we polled Glamour staffers on which styles they always reach for when granny panties aren’t the vibe. Ahead, the 18 styles we swear by—from frilly little things to timeless classics that will never go out of style.

1. Everlane The Thong

As with most things from Everlane, this classic cotton thong style is comfy, high quality, and basic in the best way. It’s honestly such a comfortable thong that I’d be willing to wear it every day. You can get three for $27, so it wouldn’t be the least economical commitment, either. If you’re looking for a new staple to add to your top drawer, these won’t ever let you down. —Erin Parker, commerce writer

2. Aerie Lace-Trim Shine Thong Undie

Aerie Real Good Lace Thong Underwear

I hate thongs and don’t really wear them unless I absolutely must; I’ll take a little VPL (visible panty line) over all-day discomfort. The only exception is this one from Aerie—it’s so lightweight it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything. I like that it has the lace waistband, so it’s still pretty, but the rest is nylon-blend fabric, so it’s comfortable. And it’s super smooth and doesn’t show under skintight pants or sheer dresses. —Bella Cacciatore, beauty associate

3. Cuup The Thong

We’re big fans of Cuup around here (check out our full review), and this seamless thong is more than meets the eye. Yes, the brand’s stylish intimates look great on any Instagram grid, but this ultrathin underwear will become your new favorite. It’s a little more high-rise, so you can wear it up on your waist or low-rise across the hips. Either way, you’ll forget you’re wearing it. It’s available in a range of chic colors, and you can throw in a corresponding bra if you’re feeling matchy-matchy. —E.P.

3. ThirdLove Comfort Stretch Thong

I’d been buying a certain mall brand’s five-for-$25 thongs for years, but after I recently went up a few sizes, the largest options there were literally becoming a pain in the ass. That’s when I turned to ThirdLove’s stretch thongs and never looked back. They’re made from a nylon-spandex blend, so they’re extra stretchy (ideal when you have full hips). And because they’re so thin, there’s never an issue with VPL. The best part of all is that they go up to size 3X and come in a variety of “nude for you” shades. I’ll take its three-for-$30 deal any time. —Lindsay Schallon, senior beauty editor

4. Calvin Klein Invisibles Thong

Calvin Klein Invisibles Thong

My Calvin Klein thong is hands-down the best underwear purchase I’ve made in years. It feels like nothing is on my body, and it never shows under my clothes. This might be TMI, but I’ve found that some thongs are super painful after a few hours of wear, but I can last all day in these. —Khaliha Hawkins, producer

5. Love by GapBody Lace Thong

I have been searching for nice adult-lady underwear for years and had just about given up on finding something that wasn’t overly sexy, overly dowdy, or overpriced when I found these Gap hipster lace thongs. They’re lovely, insanely comfortable, and affordable (not to mention a great dupe for Hanky Panky). They’re literally the only underwear I own now. —Macaela Mackenzie, senior health editor

6. True&Co True Body Thong

I rarely buy bulk packs of anything until I’ve tried the product individually, but since I love True&Co’s bras so much, I took a chance on this three-pack. I’m so glad I did because they may be my favorite thongs ever. Seamless underwear will sometimes roll at the edges (defeating the purpose of the no-VPL draw), but not these! They have enough weight to lie flat while still being truly invisible—even under my lightest pair of leggings. —Shanna Shipin, commerce editor

7. Hanky Panky Low-Rise Thong

Hanky Panky Women’s Low-Rise Thong (5-Pack)

I hope to someday have an underwear drawer filled exclusively with lace Hanky Panky thongs and hip huggers. They’re pricier than other options, but I’ve found that cheaper lace thongs get holes in only a few months—constantly replacing your underwear definitely cancels out any money you might save. Plus, they’re comfy, and if you’re on the curvier side like me, they lie flat on your hips and have a bit of stretch. No weird indents and or lines! —Madeline Hirsch, senior manager, social media

8. Lululemon Namastay Put Thong II

I bought Lululemon’s thong to wear with workout leggings but ended up using it for any and all outfits that veer on the sheer side (dresses, white jeans, etc.). It’s seamless (so no panty lines) and it’s stretchy (so no pinching or slipping). The sweat-wicking fabric is also a plus. —Halie LeSavage, contributor

9. Intimissimi Crazy In Love G-string

Everyone always talks about their favorite seamless thong (we all need those!), but I love all things lace, satin, and frills. And for everyday wear, Intimissimi makes some of my favorite thongs. There’s always some unexpected detail to get excited about—like a baby bow on the back—and the fabrics are supersoft—which is, of course, the most important part. When worn as part of a set (yes, I’m that kind of person), it always makes me feel a bit cuter when I walk out the door. —Talia Abbas, commerce writer

10. Target Auden Cotton Thong

For me, uncomfortable underwear is a nonstarter. I’ve suffered through too many too-tight thongs in my life, and now I appreciate the “more is more” approach to this tricky garment—just because it’s a thong doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be enough space for your, you know, pelvis. The Auden Cotton Thong is honestly the only brand I buy in bulk during my Target runs. The fabric feels like it’s barely sitting on your skin, and the seat of the garment doesn’t ride or change positions throughout the day as you move about. The fit is snug yet breathable, making it a perfect option for everyday wear. Go ahead and get one in every color (and a few extra in black). —Brionna Jimerson, associate manager, social media

11. Calvin Klein Carousel Thong

Calvin Klein Carousel Thongs (3-Pack)

I love the classic, no-frills vibe of Calvin Klein underwear. And maybe I’m just drinking the Kool-Aid, but I feel like I’m part of the cool-kid movement when I wear them. Looking back at vintage CK pics of Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss, all the way to current-day ads starring the Biebers and A$AP Rocky, is proof the brand stays unflinchingly relevant. But aside from my respect and intrigue for the aesthetic, these thongs are comfy AF. —E.P.

12.  B.tempt’d by Wacoal Innocence Lace-Trim Ribbed Thong

B.tempt’d by Wacoal Innocence Lace-Trim Ribbed Thong

Lace trims may not be what comes to mind when you think of comfy thongs, but this lightweight pair will have you reconsider. From the ribbed fabric to the scalloped trims, everything about this style is so. soft. —T.A.

13. Cosabella Soire Classic Thong

Cosabella Soire Classic Thong (3-Pack)

You’d be hard-pressed to find a thong sexier than one made of mesh—and this option from Cosabella comes in a pack of three! Despite being super slinky and very soft, the gusset is lined (so you still feel like you’re wearing underwear), making them perfectly suitable for everyday and *special* occasion wear. —S.S.

15. Bombas Women’s Seamless Thong 

Women’s Seamless Thong (3-Pack)

If you’ve ever worn Bombas socks, you know they’re insanely comfortable, and the new underwear line from the charitable brand lives up to that reputation. Designed with a lightweight, breathable nylon blend, this thong truly feels like a second skin. It never digs or folds, so you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. Plus, each thong purchased equals a donation to a homeless shelter, where underwear is the second most requested item. A win-win! —E.P.

14. Spanx Under Statements Thong

I’ve been wearing these thongs from Spanx for years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Like plenty of other thongs on this list, these are made of a nylon and elastane blend, are no-show, and lay perfectly flat—but the difference is they simultaneously provide coverage (so you don’t feel like you’re going commando). It’s a surprisingly hard quality to find in non-VPL thongs. —S.S.

16. Commando Stretch Thong

You know a good thong when you don’t realize you have it on, which is exactly what Commando’s stretch thongs feel like. They’re made from a soft stretch fabric that holds it shape after repeated washing, and the fact that they’re seamless means you can wear them under virtually anything and not have to worry about any awkward panty lines. —T.A.

17. Proof Leak- & Period-Proof Thong

Proof Leak- & Period-Proof Thong

This is what you get when a high-impact workout class happens to fall on the second day of your period. What is a disaster, Alex? That all changed when I was introduced to Proof’s absorbent moisture-wicking underwear. If you’re worried period panties will make you feel like you’re wearing a diaper, allow this seamless thong to prove you wrong. It’s made of supersoft microfiber that doesn’t bunch, so you don’t have to worry about panty lines in your leggings, and the multilayer Leak-Loc system acts as extra protection beyond just a tampon, which will give you peace of mind regardless of what’s on your agenda. —E.P.


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