These Sex Pillows Will Take Your Orgasms to the Next Level


Sure, sex is nice. But have you ever gotten it on using sex pillows? As in, a pillow ergonomically designed for either intercourse or solo play, making tricky or awkward angles and new positions much more smooth sailing (and comfortable). If you’ve taken yoga classes, you’ve probably experienced something similar: In order to achieve certain poses, the instructor may give you tools, like blocks or blankets. That’s what sex pillows aim to do: Make sex more accessible, pleasurable, and fun.

And it turns out, finding the right angle or position during sex is a common issue. Sex toy company Dame surveyed 1,600 of their Dame Labs community members, asking which non-vibrating product “would most improve [their] sex life.” Per Dame, “81 percent responded they wished they could find a better angle when with their partner and/or that they regularly used a spare pillow or cushion to achieve one.”

Sex position pillows can be a great addition to the bedroom (or wherever, you do you) especially if, according to pelvic health physician therapist and author of Sex Without Pain: A Self Treatment Guide to the Sex Life You Deserve, Dr. Heather Jeffcoat, you have mobility issues. “Pillows are great for modifying positions if you have neck, back, hip, or knee issues,” Jeffcoat tells Glamour. Sex pillows help take some of that pressure off our bodies so sex can be enjoyable, not painful.

Basically, it can’t hurt to introduce a sex pillow into your love life. In fact, it’ll probably do the opposite and help you reach all kinds of orgasmic new levels. Ahead, eight of the best sex pillows, according to experts. 

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