These Chic, Affordable Vases Are Delivering All the Vibes

Spring is still a ways out, but if you’re stuck at home and looking for ways to make your space pop, cool vases can add instant flair and refinement. Whether you’re trying to keep your spirits high with regular flower runs or are giving dried bouquets a try, chic vessels are a simple way to put an artful spin on your environment—even all on their own. Though you might think the dreamy ones that appear on your Instagram Discover Page are bound to cost a pretty penny, you don’t have to shell out hundreds to upgrade your home‘s vibe. Just pinpoint any barren surfaces or nooks that could use some zhuzh, and scoop up one (or a few) of the affordable vases below.

From bubbly glass shapes to handmade ceramics and trending human-form designs, there are endless visual roads to take—or you can keep it eclectic and choose a few totally different styles you love. No matter your vision, we pulled 21 options to get you started, so find your favorite flowers (or mini stems for plant propagation) and shop the best cool and affordable vases, ahead.

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