These Are the Only Shoes You’ll Want to Wear This Fall

Sandals are for summer, boots are for winter, but the best loafers for women are without a doubt the shoes for transitional seasons. Hear us out: Fall means you can experiment with all types of footwear—from lug sole boots to socks with sandals—but classic loafers are the timeless mainstay in any wardrobe (time to take a break, white sneakers).

Just as with sandals, you can shimmy into these slip-ons and stay comfortable all day. Some of the best pairs include classic penny loafers (get your Abraham Lincolns ready) while others have lug sole platforms, giving you the height of a heel if that’s your thing. Embellished loafers often look like fancy slippers—adorned with tassels and hardware, of course—and you can basically roll right out of bed and into the world with them.

If you’re starting to think about what shoes are smart to invest in this fall, the best women’s loafers are the way to go. They look A+ with jeans and a blazer and add a touch of structure to a midi dress or frilly blouse. Whether you’re vibing Audrey Hepburn’s sleek black loafers from the 1957 film “Funny Face,” want something with a block heel, or prefer a snakeskin version from Ganni, here are 19 of the best loafers for women to shop right now.

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