These Airport Outfit Ideas Will Give You Serious Main Character Energy

Denim jackets and black leggings may be regulars in airport terminals, but why settle for the usual travel fare when there are so many cute airport outfit ideas to take note of? We’re not saying you need to get all dressed up just to sit in a tiny ball for hours on the plane, but there is something to be said about pulling up to the check-in counter and feeling like you may just get upgraded to a first-class cabin because “that outfit tho.” 

Comfort is of course key when curating your airport look, so rest assured, many of the outfit ideas we gathered below incorporate some kind of cozy or laidback element. You can check versatility off the list, too, since the dressing formulas we’re taking inspiration from can all be reworked in some kind of way at your destination. 

Whether you’re rethinking your choice of footwear (hello, cloggies) or deciding what blanket scarf to swaddle yourself in, getting dressed for the airport should be fun—and hopefully the least stressful part of your trip, whenever you feel comfortable taking it. Scroll down for some cute airport outfit ideas you’ll want to copy ASAP—no real travel plans required.

Long Sweater + Clogs + Sunglasses

Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Edward Berthelot

Between the nap-ready duster, oversized shades, and clogs, this outfit combo is it. The open-back shoes (preferably worn with socks) can be easily slipped on and off at security, while the chunky knit is ideal for staying warm under those paper-thin airplane blankets. As for the giant sunnies? Well, we’ll let you come up with reasons why they’re so perfect.

Teddy Coat + Sweatpants + Graphic Sweater

Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Christian Vierig

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