These 32 Holiday Gifts Will Be on Everyone’s Wish List

Decorative gourds are thriving, crunchy leaves are blanketing the sidewalks, and we’re elbow-deep in gift guide season. Part of this seasonal catnip includes daydreaming about our own holiday gifts—and as shopping-obsessed editors, we’re not above conjuring up virtual wish lists to share with any and all who’ll entertain our material desires. 

Some of the stuff we’re pining for is downright practical: a do-it-all air fryer, monthly cheese subscription (priorities), or a new houseplant to bring us closer to nature. The rest of it is, well, pure fantasy. But if you’re in need of some wish list inspiration for yourself—or maybe just a change of scenery from your middle-of-the-night doomscroll—check out 31 holiday gifts Glamour editors are hoping to find under the tree this year. 

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