The Very Best Mixing Bowl Set to Buy Right Now


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Behind every frosted cake, tower of pancakes, or batch of brownies is a good mixing bowl set. Most at-home cooks use their mixing bowls frequently, if not daily, and depend on this kitchen essential to hold batters, sauces, and dough. (They also make for an easy way to serve salad or popcorn.) If you’re in the market for a mixing bowl set, consider how you’ll be using it: If you know you use multiple bowls at once, pick a large set. Some mixing bowls have nonslip bases, spouts, and lids. Others are both microwavable and dishwasher-safe. (And some are neither.)

Whether you’re an experienced home cook or just rented your first apartment and are stocking your kitchen with all the basics, one thing is for sure: A reliable mixing bowl set will make meal prep a heck of a lot easier. Here’s a list of various types of bowls based on your needs and wants.


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