The Sliced Bob Is the Haircut That Does All the Work for You

Any hairstylist worth their salt will tell you that an outstanding short cut, like a bob or a pixie crop, can take the weight off you in the styling department. It’s the easiest shortcut to “I woke up like this” hair: Maximum “cool girl” points, minimum effort. Basically, the shape will do all the hard work while you kick back and chill with enviably delicious hair.

In fact, our love of effortlessly chic short haircuts is why curl-by-curl cutting has blossomed, to give curly girls a bespoke shape that’s custom-created to make the most out of their texture. And it’s why the ultra-blunt “sliced bob” is a masterpiece for girls with fairly fine and straight strands. Then, if you wish, you can add a little dedicated styling time on top.

Case in point is Karlie Kloss’s chin-length bob, created by hairstylist Jacob Rozenberg, then styled to perfection by celeb hair guru Harry Josh. It’s short, it’s sexy, it’s sleek, and it’s effortless.

We asked Josh what the magic ingredients for this cut are so you can copy and paste to your hairdresser, then zhuzh it up yourself at home.

Why would we choose this style over a choppier bob?

A bob isn’t a one-cut-fits-all. There’s the French bob, the asymmetrical bob, the collarbone bob, the hacked bob—each offers a little something different, so why choose this sleek, sliced look? “If you have finer hair, this helps create a cleaner line,” explains Josh. It looks instantly pulled together and pretty, but without looking too prim.

What makes this style more modern?

There’s less in the way of layers, and it looks largely the same length, which makes it look more sleek and uniform, but “it’s ever so slightly longer at the front and almost A-line,” says Josh. That longer length at the front gives you the room to style and shape those front pieces into a framing halo around the face.

Why is it a good style for autumn?

Sounds counterintuitive, but cutting your hair short in the summer can actually be tricky. It means that you don’t have the length to tie it up and out the way when it’s hot. That’s why a bob shape really comes into its own in autumn and winter. Put simply, “short hair is chic and looks great with turtlenecks and sweaters,” reckons Josh.

What should people be aware of before getting this cut?

This style works better for straight and fine hair. If you have a natural wave or curl, you’ll probably end up spending more time styling it. Either way, the main thing is to “go to a great haircutter,” says Josh. It’ll make the difference between a mushroom cut or a perfectly balanced bob, so spend some time scouting your hairstylist’s Instagram first.

What styling products would you need for this at home?

To maximize this shape, you’ll want to look for something that adds a bit of lift. Josh recommends a volumizing or texturizing spray to take it to the next level. Lift sections of your hair, then mist the spray upward from below the section and use your fingers to tease a bit of volume near the crown. Also: An ear tuck will never fail to look chic.

How to style it?

“If your hair is already straight, don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything,” says Josh. “If it’s wavy, blow-dry it and flatiron it.”

Here’s how the celebs and the influencers are wearing the sliced bob:

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