The Most Comfortable Bra in the World Is Incredibly Basic

Over the course of adulthood, I’ve worn three different bra band sizes and more than six cup sizes. This isn’t a unique experience, but it’s one that has made me grow to hate bras. I think this stems mostly from having not found one that fits me properly or comfortably. I also grew up playing sports and loved the support and ease of a sports bra—something I never get from a “real” everyday bra. And though I can appreciate beautiful lace and intricate craftsmanship as much as the next person, more traditional lingerie just doesn’t do it for me.

Eventually I did what most experts tell you to do: get a professional bra fitting. The person doing it explained how life changes, from pregnancy or weight gain or loss (even as little as five pounds), could translate to a difference in your sizing. I, someone who has been buying the same bra size that I wore in college, clearly needed an update—and was even shocked when she told me I should wear a 34F. That meant that I needed support for my big bust but also must be comfortable at all times. (I can’t think straight when I’m wearing something remotely bothersome and have been known to change into the slippers given to models on the sets of photo shoots in order to think more clearly. So, yes, it’s important.)

The bra fitter recommended getting fitted professionally every six months to a year, to ensure the most accurate sizing. But, to be honest, I could hardly see myself keeping up with that schedule—or adding anything to the adulting list, which includes doctor checkups, teeth cleanings, vet visits…. I could maybe deal with my bra not fitting quite right.

Then I remembered a sample I had tried a few months before that. True & Co. had just debuted its line of seamless, wireless bras, which are meant to “look damn near invisible under clothes,” and had sent me a handful to try out for a True & Co. bra review. Because they’re made with this stretchy, nylon-elastane fabric and measured in sizes XS through XL (and with options for full cups too, if you want more support), I figured this could be a good solve for my reluctance toward a biannual bra-size checkup.

True & Co. Women’s True Body Lift Mesh Scoop-Neck Convertible Bra

True & Co. Women’s True Body Lift Mesh Scoop-Neck Convertible Bra

First impression: They’re not the most aesthetically pleasing bras on the block. They’re pretty plain—almost like the training bras you got when you were just hitting puberty. But when I put it on, I get the incredibly supportive comfort of my best sports bras, only without the dreaded uniboob look.

The True Body bra comes in a range of styles: scoop-neck, racer-back, triangle, push-up, and lace trim. The V-neck is my go-to—I wear it almost every day now, either in black or beige.

True & Co. Women’s True Body V-neck Bra

True & Co. Women’s True Body V-neck Bra

The material is supersoft but doesn’t stretch out throughout the day. Plus, as someone who dislikes any sort of underwire or padding, I liked that these came with removable pads, so you have the choice of wearing your bra with or without them. (I even keep the padding in most of the time, since I like the oh-so-subtle shape it gives me. Every single True & Co. bra review I read wasn’t lying: This bra has truly changed me.)

It’s gotten to the point that, if I can’t find my True Body in my drawer, which is full of other bras, in the morning when I’m getting dressed, I’ll have a bit of a panic—and that’s how I know I can’t live without it.

True & Co. Women’s True Body Scoop Adjustable Strap Bra

True & Co. Women’s True Body V-neck Bra

True & Co. Women’s True Body Triangle Lace Racer-Back Bra

True & Co. Women’s True Body Triangle Convertible Strap Bra

This article was first published on December 11, 2018. It has been updated since. 

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