The Kylie Jenner–Makeup Artist GoFundMe Debacle, Explained

Kylie Jenner came under fire in mid-March after she shared a GoFundMe link to help a makeup artist she’s worked with. On March 22 the mogul commented on the controversy and said there was a “false narrative” out there about the incident. 

Here’s what happened: 

First, Kylie Jenner shared a GoFundMe for makeup artist Samuel Rauda.

Rauda was involved in a car accident in mid-March and underwent surgery on March 14, per the updates on the GoFundMe page. (His loved ones started the page to help cover his medical costs.) A week or so after the surgery, Jenner shared a link to the GoFundMe to her Instagram Stories, inviting followers to donate. Her own donation listed on the fundraiser was $5,000.

Then came the backlash…

Twitter was not happy to see that Jenner had donated only $5,000 when, at the time, the fundraiser was asking for $60,000. Jenner has a reported net worth of $900 million, and fans thought she should’ve either covered the costs herself or—at the very least—not ask her followers, who probably don’t have $900 million, to donate. 

Now Jenner is giving her side of the story

On the evening of Monday, March 22, Jenner posted a statement to Instagram Stories, clarifying her relationship with Rauda and the context under which she made her donation and shared the fundraiser.

Calling the backlash a “false narrative,” she wrote that while she had worked with Rauda in the past, they no longer had a relationship. When she was informed of the accident by a mutual friend, she made a donation that helped the fundraiser reach its goal, which at the time was set at $10,000. She shared the link “to spread awareness” and “in case” anyone else felt compelled to donate. She ended her statement by saying she’d been in contact with Rauda’s family and that they appreciated the well-wishes and contributions.


 Rauda’s GoFundMe is currently set at $120,000.

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