The Internet Can’t Get Enough of Ashley Biden Dancing After Her Father’s Victory Speech

The Biden family has been in the spotlight for decades now. But one of President-Elect Joe Biden’s children has stayed mostly under the radar—his daughter Ashley Biden. 

Relatively low-key, the younger Biden daughter has spent years calling for criminal justice reform and giving back to people in communities who need it most. While serving as a senior executive at an organization that firmly opposes the death penalty, she also founded her own charity-based clothing brand.  

Curious about the youngest Biden’s advocacy work and a lifestyle label? Here’s everything you need to know about the future first daughter. 

She’s Joe and Jill Biden’s younger daughter

Ashley Biden, Hunter Biden, and Beau Biden watch their father speak at the Democratic National Convention on September 6, 2012. 

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Ashley Biden was born on June 8, 1981. Ashley’s older brothers—Beau and Hunter Biden—were born to Joe and his first wife, Neilia, who also had a daughter, named Naomi

In 1972, Neilia and Naomi died in a tragic car crash, just as Joe was preparing for his first term in the Senate. Joe and Jill started dating in 1975, and he credits her for helping him rebuild his life after the accident. “She made me start to think my family might be whole again,” he wrote in his 2007 memoir, Promises to Keep

The Biden siblings were always close. “From the minute she was born, her brothers looked after her,” Jill Biden told Delaware Today in a 2018 profile of Ashley. “And she always looked up to them. Wherever they went, she wanted to go, and they took her.”

Beau, sadly, passed away from brain cancer in 2015. He was a lawyer, officer in the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and a politician like his father, serving as the attorney general of Delaware. Ashley paid homage to him with the launch of her brand, Livelihood. 

The brand’s logo includes a bow, which symbolizes how “we have to sometimes be pulled all the way down to shoot forward. He was my bow. His cancer brought me to my knees,” Biden told The Lily last year. “I had no choice but to shoot forward, keep going, keep aiming at my own dreams.”

Hunter, born nearly a year after Beau, is an investor and lawyer who founded Rosemont Seneca Partners. 

She prefers to stay out of the spotlight. 

Joe Biden, standing with his family after announcing his candidacy for the 1988 Democratic presidential nomination

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