The First Trailer for Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Is Here, and Emma Stone Is So Spooky


Picture Joker mixed with The Devil Wears Prada and add a dash of Disney magic. That, essentially, is Emma Stone’s Cruella, Disney’s live-action origin story about the 101 Dalmatians villain (with Stone in the titular role). The first trailer for the movie dropped on February 17, and it’s so spooky—and so chic. 

Go ahead and watch it for yourself, below, then we can discuss. 

Emma Stone, unsurprisingly, nails Cruella’s smoky and inexplicable mystery while rocking some very memorable looks. From this trailer alone, we already can tell style plays a major role in the story—as it should. Cruella de Vil is a fashion designer, after all, albeit one with ethically questionable taste. 

But seriously, the range here. The hats! The hair colors! The one dress that literally catches on fire! “I’m just getting started, darling,” Stone says at one point in a British accent, heavily leaning into the camp of this entire affair. And thank God for that. This movie looks fun, plain and simple—and we all could use a bit of that. “The thing is, I was born brilliant,” Cruella says in the trailer. “Born bad. And a little bit mad.” 

As for Cruella‘s narrative, it’s still a bit ambiguous. We know from this trailer Cruella sees the world “differently than everyone else,” but that’s about it. How she rises to the top of the fashion world—and develops her obsession with animal furs—is still a question mark. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2019, Stone said stepping into the part was “pretty trippy” and “wild,” so we’re definitely in for a ride. “Right now I’m tired all the time,” Stone said in the interview. “But there are times where I’m like…‘This is bananas.’” 

All questions will be answered, though, in May 2021, when the movie drops. I’m ready. 


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