The Coolest Summer Makeup Ideas to Try Right Now


Did you hear? Summer is officially here—and with it, so are summer makeup looks. The warm-weather season has always been an exciting time to play with beauty, but this one hits different. After the year we’ve had—and with vaccine rates rising daily—we’re more excited than ever to finally break out the glitter eyeshadows, glow-y highlighters, and bold red lipstick

And from the looks of our Instagram feeds, we’re not alone. From bright pops of color to shimmering finishes, everyone seems eager to have fun again with makeup. Sure, we’ve all been playing up our eyes for over a year now; that won’t go away, but now we can start giving the rest of our faces some much-needed love too. Expect to see a lot of glossy lips and statement-making blush.

But there’s really only one real trend this summer: Do what makes you feel good. We even rounded up a few ideas to get you started. From lacquered lips to sunset eyes, here are the looks we can’t wait to copy this summer. And if you’ve gotten comfortable with a more natural look over the past year, don’t worry—we have that covered, too. Scroll on for the best summer makeup looks to try between now and Labor Day. 

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