The Coolest Nail Colors You’ll Want to Wear All Summer


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So far this season, my nail routine has looked something like this: First, I’ll rummage through the never-ending options of summer nail colors in my collection with the intention of choosing something fun to spice things up a bit. I’ll hover over a Day-Glo pink, a neon orange, or a camo green—and promptly chicken out, returning to my standard cherry red because ’’m just that predictable. Sound familiar? 

Thankfully, my Glamour colleagues are much more daring, and when I find myself in need of nail-design inspiration or a color change, they’ve got suggestions. After recently finding myself reaching for a bottle of Big Apple Red yet again, I decided to take a poll: What are the best summer nail colors everyone’s using this year? Their answers were too good not to share. Scroll on for the nail polish shades they swear by.


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