The Boston Red Sox, Ben Affleck’s Favorite Team, Just Posted a Tribute to Jennifer Lopez

One voice we didn’t expect to join the conversation around Jennifer Lopez/Alex Rodriguez/Ben Affleck is that of the Boston Red Sox, but now that they have, it does kinda make sense. The team (or, well, their social media person) hilariously weighed in on Lopez’s dating life (sort of) in a TikTok, but don’t worry: They weren’t mean or slut shame-y. They just gave Jenny From the Block a sweet and cheeky shout-out.

Posted to the Red Sox’s official account on May 18, the TikTok shows a montage of moments from Lopez’s July 2019 visit to Fenway Park when she was engaged to former New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, who was broadcasting the game for Sunday Night Baseball, reports People. The montage is set to an instrumental version of Zara Larsson’s “Never Forget You,” and the on-screen text reads, “To the girl on the Monster…we will never forget you” (the Monster is a reference to a section of Fenway nicknamed the Green Monster). The caption says simply, “Miss you, J-Lo.”

Not only are the Boston Red Sox the longtime bitter rivals of the New York Yankees, they are also the favorite team of Boston native Ben Affleck, whom Lopez is hanging out with again, years after they called off their engagement. Affleck used to attend games with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he brings Lopez to Fenway sometime soon. That is, if they’re actually dating.

In the comments, the social media manager engaged just enough to fuel speculation that this was, of course, in response to current celebrity events. After one TikTok user wrote, “YO THIS SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER IS SO MESSSSSSSYYY I LOVE IT SO MUCH,” the account responded with three “coffee” emojis, to imply tea being spilled.


Is the MLB the new Deuxmoi? Suddenly we care about sports!

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