The Best V-neck Tees You Can Buy, Starting at $5

There’s something to be said about a top that’s couch and Zoom-appropriate, and the best V-neck T-shirts shine in both categories. The comfortable, unassuming wardrobe essential shares all the same qualities of your favorite sweaters—a little loose yet still pulled together—and can easily take you from a virtual team check-in to a 30-minute stretch in your living room without having to change.

We all have an idea of how the perfect V-neck shirt should look and feel. Maybe you prefer a shorter cut in the front, so you can tuck it into high-waist jeans, maybe it’s made of sustainably sourced cotton, or maybe you gravitate to something that has a roomy fit, for days when you’re thinking about naps constantly. Whatever you deem top-shelf-worthy, we searched high and low for the best V-neck T-shirts available right now, starting at a cool $5.

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