The Best TV Sex Scenes of All Time

TV sex scenes aren’t the same as movie sex scenes, a format that allows a lot more bang for your buck. (Sorry, had to!) In other words, sex scenes on TV aren’t necessarily the most explicit. But that doesn’t make them any less hot. Sometimes the steaminess comes from the imagination. Filling in the blanks. Fantasizing about what it is that you aren’t seeing. And sometimes, you know, the TV sex scenes are on HBO, and they’re just as in-your-face as ones in an R-rated movie. Those are amazing too.

It’s 2019, people. Let’s not act like we don’t enjoy a good TV sex scene every once in a while. From streaming platforms Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon to basic cable networks like ABC and NBC, all TV sex scenes are (typically) good TV sex scenes. But, of course, it’s the internet, so we have to post a ranking list. Below, our favorites for the 13 best TV sex scenes at all time. Read on, and have a large bottle of water handy.

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