The Best Rechargeable Vibrators to Keep You Buzzing

When shopping for a new vibe, convenience is a big factor—and it doesn’t get much easier than the best rechargeable vibrators (which, FTR, include best-selling vibes like the Satisfyer Pro 2 and the Womanizer). These options can have a huge advantage since not all vibrators are powered equally; they can be battery-operated, cord-powered, or, as in this case, USB-rechargeable.

Vibrators with cords that you plug in during use are generally relics at this point (hello, original Hitachi Magic Wand). Most of the best vibrators these days either use batteries or are rechargeable—that is, they’re cordless models that you can juice up with a cable between uses. 

The main upside of rechargeable vibrators is that you don’t ever have to buy batteries or worry about battery life, Marla Renee Stewart, sex educator at sexual wellness retailer Lovers, tells Glamour. A rechargeable vibrator will “typically last through several orgasms before you need to recharge it again,” she says. “You can put it right back on the charger after use and let it charge for a bit so it never runs out of charge.” Rechargeable vibrators are among the best sex toys for traveling too, since you don’t have to bring batteries and may be able to use a single cable for your toys and your other tech. 

If that sounds like a winner for you, check out the best rechargeable vibrators that are still flying under the radar, from cute little bullet vibes to the best wands out there. (Beginners, pick up some lube before you dive in.)

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