The Best Products for the Shiniest, Bounciest Hair of Your Life

Shopping for hair products for straight hair is harder than it looks, and that’s before taking into account the fact we’re washing our hair less than ever. While some people mistake straight hair for being easy to style, that’s all well and good until you try to get it to hold any sort of curl, volume, or texture, at which point you realize the drawback. Straight hair tends to stay straight—or fine or flat—no matter how much work you put into making it appear otherwise. But add too much product, and it easily gets overwhelmed, and we’re back to flat territory, half a bottle of dry shampoo later. 

That’s where these hardworking hair products for straight hair come in, starting in the shower with a volumizing shampoo and ending with stylers that deliver volume that actually lasts. The result? A tousled, textured style that holds up all day and possibly all night. Read on for the Glamour Beauty Award–winning products for straight hair.

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