The Best Perfumes, According to 33 Successful Women


The best perfume for woman has come a long way—historians aren’t sure of the exact origin of aromatherapy, but the practice is believed to date back at least 6,000 years, when it was common among ancient Egyptians to dose themselves in fragranced oils to connect with the gods and cure ailments. While the majority of us no longer crush up plants and herbs to make our own fragrances, you could argue that spritzing ourselves with Le Labo is our modern-day version of scent healing.

Because of the intense connection fragrance has with our emotions, changing your perfume is an easy way to switch up your mood or channel a different part of your persona. There are some scents that are universal, like comforting vanilla or a sexy oud. But when it comes to a fragrance that exudes confidence, that’s in the eyes (nose?) of the beholder. We polled 33 successful women, including Addison Rae, Paris Hilton, and Ashley Nicole Black (to name only a few), on what power smells like to them. Ahead, find the best perfume for women, according to their recommendations.

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